Master's thesis
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Master in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine

Master's thesis

The Master's Thesis (TFM) synthesises and integrates the knowledge obtained during the course. Given that this is a degree that awards professional qualifications, it is regulated by the Royal Decree defining the TFM under Ministerial Order CIN/311/2009:“Realización, presentación y defensa, una vez obtenidos todos los créditos del plan de estudios, de un ejercicio original realizado individualmente ante un tribunal universitario, consistente en un proyecto integral de Ingeniería Industrial de naturaleza profesional en el que se sinteticen las competencias adquiridas en las enseñanzas” .

The Master's Thesis will be assessed by a committee appointed by the Academic Council of the Master's Degree based on the TFM Report written by the student, the public defence of the report and a confidential report written by the tutor. Below, are a number of indications for each of these three elements:

  • TFM Report. The report must be between 25 and 50 pages. We recommend that it is written as a scientific work, with the corresponding sections: a summary (in Catalan or Spanish and in English), an introduction and objectives, a methodology section, a results and discussion section and a list of the bibliographical references used. In any case, it is indispensable to propose objectives and contrast the results (positives or negatives). Furthermore, a certificate must be included in the report signed by the tutor or tutors, indicating that the work has been carried out under his/her/their guidance and that it has been revised prior to its presentation. 
  • Public defence of the TFM. The committee assessing the TFM will comprise three members (one from the Department of Biology, one from IdiBGi and one from the Department of Medical Science). The student will have 15 minutes to set forth the work carried out and there will be 10 additional minutes for questions and answers. The defence must be based on the explanation of the objectives, the techniques carried out and the discussion of results (whether positive or negative), placing them in the context of the laboratory where the work was carried out. The committee will assess the report and the defence performed by the student. Each of the two scores will represent 35% of the final TFM mark.
  • Tutor’s report. The tutor will send a confidential report about the student’s breakthroughs during the work performed and rate the student. This mark will represent the remaining 30% of the TFM mark.

Additional considerations for the assessment process

  • Both in the report and the presentation, the student must clarify the experiments performed and the duration of practical classes.
  • The committee will place a particular emphasis on the student’s capacity to understand and explain the experiments carried out, define the objectives and place them in the line of research at the host laboratory.
  • Students completing the Practical Module and the TFM at the same laboratory can present the results of their internship globally.

It is recommended that students who present their work before the break arrive 15 minutes before the start of the first session and that those after the break also arrive 15 minutes before the first session after the break in order to load their presentations on the computer in the assigned room.