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Master in Teaching Spanish and Catalan as Second Languages


The master’s degree has been designed to meet the current demand for staff specialising in language knowledge and social integration, in not just the international but also the domestic and local arenas. Given its features, the master's degree attracts graduates from every area of the humanities and social sciences, as well as professionals working in the field of teaching languages not just to adults but also at infant, primary and secondary schools, at immigrant shelters and in translating and interpreting, and who wish to complement their education with firm knowledge in mastering and teaching second languages, from both educational and grammatical perspectives, in the context of the new needs that intercultural situations bring.

The main professional opportunities here include:

  • Teachers of Spanish and Catalan for foreigners, in several types of public or private institutions (language schools, universities, adult-education schools, consortiums for linguistic normalisation etc.,) and in the world of business and tourism, both in Spain and abroad.
  • Professionals in the linguistic and social integration of immigrant groups and in the management of linguistic diversity in a multilingual and multicultural context.
  • Researchers capable of helping people to understand the cultural, social and linguistic diversity currently found in our country.
  • Researchers in the field of linguistics and Romance-language studies (socio-linguistics, linguistic typology, language teaching, language acquisition, language contact, linguistic theory, comparative grammar of Spanish, Catalan and other Romance languages, etc.)
  • Professionals in the world of publishing specialising in the creation of educational material for teaching second languages.

The type of education provided by the master's degree is recognised and recommended by the Institute Ramon Llull and by the Catalan Government's Linguistics Policy Ministry.