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Interuniversity Master's Degree in Youth and Society


Depending on the subject areas chosen, the pathway pursued during the master's degree will provide the student with the skills needed for:

  • The analysis, direction and management of youth programmes, centres and services.
  • The analysis, direction and management of youth policies, in their full implication in terms of diagnosis, design, application and evaluation of plans, programmes and projects.
  • Direct action with youths. Youth work.
  • The research undertaken as part of youth studies ranges from the epistemology, methodology and basic conceptualisations of youths through to the main fields of research: history, education, economy, psychology, social participation, leisure, identity, consumption, health, communication and youth policies.

Based on the education acquired, students can access the following professional profiles:
Youth officers, education officers, culture officers, youth catalysts, youth equipment and programme managers, directors and coordinators at juvenile services and institutions, intercultural mediation and conflict resolution, youth informants and researchers specialising in youth matters, among others.