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Master in Tort Law

Access, admission and enrolment

Previous degree requirements

Bachelor’s degree or undergraduate degree in law or a similar subject area that includes education in private law and that offers access to postgraduate studies. Taking into account the international perspective of the programme, no specific number of places are set aside for foreign students (from the EHEA with bachelor's degree or undergraduate degree from foreign educational systems outside the EHEA, without the need for approval, with the accreditation demonstrating a level of education equivalent to the corresponding Spanish degree certificates and that entitle the issuing country to access postgraduate studies). In any case, preference will be given to candidates who have a university education in law. 

Admission and enrolment

To access the master's degree, you will need to complete your university pre-enrolment. Candidates from outside the EU are advised to pre-enrol during the first pre-enrolment periods to ensure they obtain a place. Once pre-enrolment has been completed, the Board of Admission for the Master's Degree will appraise the student’s curriculum to ensure the suitability of candidates in relation to dedication required to continue with education. Knowledge of languages in addition to previous accomplishments in the area of research or professional experience will be taken into account.