Seeking Innovative Built-in Fridge Design Teams
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Seeking Innovative Built-in Fridge Design Teams

Es cerquen socis especialitzats en disseny innovador amb l'experiència per crear nous productes refrigerants.

Desired outcome

We are looking for an innovative design partner with the capability and experience to create new built-in fridge products. Nowadays, built-in or we may call fully flush refrigerators are becoming a new market trend, esp. in European and American market so we are looking for European or American vendor resources; If you are the right partner to work with us, please don't hesitate to submit your profiles.

Details of the Technology Call

  • Function - The design shall take into consideration that the final product would meet the function requirement to work like a common refrigerator;
  • Experience - The team shall have experiences in the development and design of built-in refrigerators;
  • Success case - Successful cases is required for evaluation;
  • Way of Cooperation – The partner offers design solution to Haier, based on specific requirements from Haier, e.g. power consumption, volume and dimension information provided.

Deadline: 21/07/2019