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ViCOROB is the group researching Computer Vision and Robotics at the University of Girona. Founded by Dr Joan Batlle in 1993, today the group is recognised as an established research group by the Government of Catalonia and has held the TECNIO technology transfer quality seal since 2008.

With total income in of €1.6 million and a staff of approximately 60, in 2014 ViCOROB represented 7.91% of the UdG total valuation of teaching and research staff research activity for the 2014 budget allocation in terms of the productivity of research departments or institutes.

ViCOROB seeks to be a leading research group at national and international level in the field of robotics, intelligent systems and perception, with particular emphasis on the lines of research of the group. VICOROB seeks to be synonymous with excellence in research and a catalyst for innovation.

The team that comprises the group is supported by four research laboratories and complemented with dedicated technical and administrative staff.

The three integrated laboratories are:

  • Image analysis and recognition of patterns and 3D perception
  • Underwater Vision and Robotics
  • UdiGitalEdu: ICT and education

At the time, the fusion of these three research groups was strategic to establish common objectives in terms of research, technology transfer, management and quality. For this reason, in addition to being an established research group, they also have the distinction from the TECNIO centre, also granted by the Government of Catalonia.

ViCOROB combines top-level research with technology transfer, focusing technology on basic and applied research projects, with projects of scientific and social interest and projects with interest from or at the initiative of companies, fostering values such as respect, diversity, work, internationalisation and entrepreneurship.



ARLAB is the research group investigating Artificial Intelligence applied to recommendation systems and robotics at the University of Girona. ARLAB is part of established research group 2009SGR1202 “Intelligent Communications and Systems”, lead by Josep Lluis Marzo from the ICS&A.

ARLAB was set up in 2002 by Dr Josep Lluís de la Rosa and has also held the TECNIO technology transfer quality seal since 2004. Within TECNIO, ARLAB is known as EASY.

With a total income of €260,000 and a staff of approximately 7 people, in 2013 ARLAB represented 2.79% of the UdG total valuation of teaching and research staff research activity for the 2013 budget allocation in terms of productivity in research departments or institutes.

The centre is very active in basic research and research directed at industry and technology transfer. EASY is found in the UdG Science and Technology Park and on the UdG Montilivi Campus and includes two R + D laboratories:

  • Agents Research Laboratory (ARLAB): specialised in basic research
  • Easy Innova Centre specialised in research aimed at industry and technology transfer

EASY’s main objective is to maintain a good reputation as a research centre as well as being a catalyst for technology transfer in the sector of Information Technologies and Communication (ICT).

These activities produce innovative results at all stages (conception, design and implantation) both in scientific and engineering terms. EASY is committed to the economic and social development of the region by promoting the best practices and exploitation of the ICT products it develops.

The lines of research being worked on are:

  • Rescue robots
  • Digital preservation
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Social networks data analysis