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Master’s Degree Studies


Master in medical imagery and applications (MAIA)

The master in medical imagery and applications (MAIA) aims for students to learn about the technology which computer-assisted medical systems and the analysis of medical imagery are based on.

This master includes areas of research which are difficult to encompass in a single course, such as artificial intelligence and automatic learning, computer vision and the processing of images and the physical development of sensors and acquisition techniques, all of them in continuous evolution in the current digital revolution.

The master lasts two years (120 ECTS) and is taught on-site in English, since it is a joint master where the first semester is at the University of Burgundy (France), the second at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (Italy), and the third at the University of Girona. During the fourth semester the Master’s thesis is carried out at one of these three universities or in any other entity of the MAIA consortium, which encompasses expert research centres in this field as well as top companies in the sector.