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Scientific dissemination

Activities and initiatives


The Institute participates in the organisation of the international programme of the FIRST LEGO League (FLL).The FLL has a presence in 62 countries, promoting an interest in learning among young people aged 10 to 16 inviting them to have fun and be moved by science and technology.

The purpose of the FLL is to foster skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics; to help inspire scientific and technological vocations through a proven formula and motivating content, and to encourage participation in popular science and technology projects with a high impact and value.


The PRESUB campus brings underwater robotics to secondary school pupils.This takes place at the facilities of the Centre of Underwater Robotics (Science and Technology Park)

The basic objective of these workshops is to perform recreational scientific and technological activities that are interesting and appealing as they enhance interest throughout society, and more precisely secondary school students, in technology and that foster the values inherent to engineering. This objective is shared by the Board of Trustees of the University of Girona and the Board of Trustees of the Polytechnic School that support this edition of the summer workshops on underwater robotics.

Furthermore, one of the main interests of the Institute of Computer Vision and Robotics Research (ViCOROB) at the UdG, is the performance of activities that facilitate the dissemination of research in underwater robotics performed by ViCOROB, which is considered a point of reference at national and European levels in this field of the knowledge.

These workshops are also part of the activities scheduled within the framework of the FECyT ROVSTEAM project, between the Oceanic Platform of the Canaries (PLOCAN) and the University of Girona.

A large amount of the scientific dissemination performed by the ViCOROB Institute is delivered as part of the initiative with the collaboration of theIRE Institute  at the UdG.

Workshops, on a range of different subject matters, are held in different formats and for different audiences. Teaching staff training sessions are also held. 

The workshops and training aside, information is also provided on the project and the research performed by our team through lectures, talks, demonstrations and visits.