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Institute of Educational Research.

Lines of Research

GRHCS002 - Scientific and Environmental Education Research Group (GRECA)

  • Innovation and improvement in teaching and learning in social and experimental sciences
  • Training teaching staff and educators for sustainability
  • Curricular orientation of university studies and compulsory education
  • Evaluation of formal and non-formal educational programs in the areas of environmental knowledge (natural and social) and education for sustainability

GRHCS003 - Education, Heritage and Intermedia Arts Research Group (GREPAI)

  • Art education in formal and non-formal settings
  • Relationships between heritage and society
  • Aesthetic and ethical values as a result of relationships between heritage and society

GRHCS040 - Diversity Research Group

  • Educational attendance of people with special educational needs in the school years
  • Educational processes among immigrant students
  • School and work integration of individuals with disabilities and analysis of the factors that condition the attention paid to diversity in this situation
  • Proposals for improvement and design of training programmes for professionals

GRHCS044 - UdiGitalEdu: Creative Learning, STEAM and Social Change

  • Analysis of technological resources as factors of change in people's lives
  • Educational function of ICT at different life stages
  • Curricular integration of ICT into any educational level
  • Use of multimedia resources as a means of expression and communication
  • Revitalisation of collaborative projects through technological resources
  • Design and implementation of educational multimedia products
  • Citizen participation through the web

GRHCS047 - Culture and Education Research Group:

  • Analysis of educational practices in multilingual contexts
  • Educational practice, school organisation and inclusive education
  • Strategies for discourse and acquisition of the school language in home language school exchange programmes
  • Psychological mechanisms and construction of identity

GRHCS061 - Educational and Sociocultural Policies, Programmes and Services Research Group (GRES):

  • Youth, education and society
  • Community engagement and development and sociocultural animation
  • Rural schools and education
  • Cultural diversity, immigration and education
  • Social structure
  • Democracy and education
  • Social mentoring
  • Pedagogical renewal

GRHCS067 - Collaborative Research Group for the Improvement of Education (BITÀCOLA)

  • Assessment in processes of institutional innovation and improvement
  • Transferable skills in university education
  • Management of educational institutions
  • Development of primary and secondary teaching skills
  • Improvement of human relations in organisations: climate and culture
  • Educational organisation
  • Professional guidance in secondary education
  • Theory of education
  • Academic and professional transitions
  • Use of ICT in the organisation
  • Use of new technologies in education

GRHCS101 - Education, Childhood and Connections

  • Specific early years teaching from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Initial training of teaching staff
  • Lifelong learning of teaching staff

GRHCS103 - Languages and Learning

  • Acquisition and learning of oral language
  • Communication skills in university studies
  • Languages and ICT

GRHCS106 - Applied Social Sciences Research Group

  • Social cohesion
  • Citizenship rights
  • Democratisation of public administrations and public policies