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Institute of Educational Research.


The creation of theInstitute of Educational Research (IRE) represents a renewed commitment to the processes of educational research that researchers linked to the University of Girona have been working on for some time. The decision made by the University, combined with the desire of the three departments housed at the Faculty of Education and Psychology (Specific Didactics, Pedagogy and Psychology) has made its existence possible.

The Institute aims to bring together the highest possible number of research and knowledge transfer activities relating with the educational area that currently perform them at UdG and in the surrounding area, analysing the current and future social needs in terms of educational research and disseminating the results of its research. It aims to become a prestigious frame of reference for educational research, offering a high level of external competitiveness following an internal strategy of collaboration.

The Institute is made up of twelve research groups, which cover an extensive and long list of working lines. The completed and ongoing projects, which are listed in the research section, are the best portrait of the Institute and outline its future.