Institute of Tourism Studies (INSETUR)


The University of Girona's Institute of Tourism Studies (INSETUR), headed by Dr Lluís Prats and located on the Tourism Campus, is a meeting point for basic research, applied research, knowledge transfer and higher education in tourism from a multidisciplinary perspective, which seeks to increase knowledge about the social, economic, legal, territorial, entrepreneurial, communicative, environmental and patrimonial processes of tourism, at the local, regional, governmental and international levels.

The Institute aims to contribute to improving  knowledge of the reality of tourism in the surrounding area, aware that investment in tourism R&D&I is the main means of ensuring competitiveness in the sector. It therefore seeks to serve as a tool at the service of its surroundings and a proactive instrument for improving the more important economic sector in the area of influence of UdG.

The members of INSETUR are teachers at the Faculty of Tourism at the University of Girona, who specialise in subject areas such as the creation of tourism products and pathways, cultural heritage, tourism information management, and the application of new technologies in the tourism industry, the analysis of tourism impacts and destination management, among others.


  • More than 1,000 students enrolled on the 2013-2014 course, divided between the Bachelor's degree in Tourism and the 3 international Masters that are taught from Girona (Master in Cultural Tourism, Master in Tourism Management and Planning, Erasmus Mundus European Masterin Tourism Management).
  • Collaboration agreements with more than 150 international tourism companies.
  • More than 50 agreements signed with universities in Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, China, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Austria, among others.
  • Active member in national and international tourism networks, including: NECSTOUR, INTUR, UNITWIN, ATLAS and UNIMED.

INSETUR’s goals are:

  • Creating synergies between departments, research groups and university teaching staff of different specialist subjects in tourism as a whole, promoting joint research and the of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary professional practice.
  • Imparting doctoral degree and postgraduate training on the subject of tourism and organising the lifelong learning of professionals involved in the decision-making process affecting the management of tourism companies and destinations.
  • Constituting a scientific and technical point of contact between all the agents involved in tourism management: the private sector, the public sector and citizens.
  • Providing advice in the decision-making process concerning tourism matters involving the different agents, in a particular way in complex situations or circumstances involving high levels of uncertainty.
  • Promoting interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research orientated towards providing solid scientific foundations to the tasks of education, communication, awareness raising and civic education in tourism.
  • Constituting a permanent observatory of the status, dynamics and evolution of tourism in Catalonia in general, and in the regions of Girona in particular.
  • Encouraging academic and scientific-technical collaboration in tourism area with universities, research centres and international public and private institutions.
  • Promoting research projects and technical application in the field of cooperation with impoverished countries.