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Institute of the Environment


The Institute of the Environment at the University of Girona (IMA-UdG) is a university research institute that is dedicated to basic and applied research in the scientific and technical areas of interest in the study and management of the environment.

Given its interdisciplinary nature, it covers the following objectives at local, regional and international levels:

  • protection and conservation of the environment.
  • promotion of economic activity.
  • defence of social and territorial justice.

The Institute of the Environment is a permanent observatory monitoring the situation, dynamics and evolution of the environmental parameters in Girona and the surrounding area.

In the academic world, it organises and teaches doctoral degree students and postgraduate students in environmental subject areas, preparing them for both interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary professional practice and specialised tasks in an interdisciplinary framework.

With this in mind, it also organises courses to permanently refresh the knowledge of professionals involved in decision making with an impact on the quality of the environment and the availability of resources.

In permanent contact with the outside world, it facilitates the transfer of knowledge on the social environment and promotes activities aimed at providing solid scientific foundations to the tasks of education, communication, awareness raising and civic education in terms of the environment.

It provides technical advice and facilitates the decision making process in environmental matters. When necessary, the Institute of the Environment serves as a scientific and technical point of contact between the agents involved in environmental and territorial management, including the private sector, the public sector and citizens.