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Catalan Law Meeting in Tossa

Since 1982

Background and content

Since 1982, and almost uninterruptedly during these forty years, the Catalan Law Conferences in Tossa de Mar have been the forum where academic research work has met with the practical perspective of law professionals to intervene in the development of the new Catalan Civil Law, with a past, present and future vision. In the twenty editions of the conferences, all the major issues have been addressed, from basic questions of responsibility in civil matters to succession law and the Europeanisation of private law, passing through property law and the updating of family law. The last few Conferences focused on analysing European Regulations regarding inheritance, family and succession, from the perspectives of both private international law and civil law. The Conference Materials of all the editions have been later published, and are indispensable reading for contemporary Catalan law experts. In the publications section you will find the link to the contents of the last five editions. To download the books and e-pub for free you can request the access code by writing an email to the Institute.