Grup de Recerca en Educació Científica i Ambiental

"Assessing science and dance education through cooperative-reflective practices" by Dolors Cañabate

The major purpose of this 30th FIEP World Congress is to present an outstanding scientific program about the Sport, Physical Education and Performing Arts as Tools of Social Transformation.

Last Saturday 29/06/2019 Dolors Cañabate presented a paper called: "Assessing science and dance education through cooperative-reflective practices" at the 30th FIEP World Congress, 14th FIEP European Congress and 2nd FIEP Congress of Catalunya, Barcelona (Catalunya).

The topic of the Congress “Sport and Physical Education and Scenic Arts as Tools of Social Transformation” is especially today, when we face the big migration of people from Africa and the Middle East to Europe, very actual. We must really think about what physical education and sports education is focused on nowadays, which role it plays in changing society, in solving different social problems. The Congress will bring us answers on many questions, indicates further trends and perspectives of physical education and sports development and describe new position and role of PE and sport in a multicultural society.

The paper describes a study that explores learning science through dance based on cooperative and reflective practices. The main objective of this project is the creation of a body of strategies and activities based on movement to foster science through cooperation, reflection, autonomy, and creativity. The research involved a work of confluence between scientific and dance concepts which were complemented through a process of reflection on the action through cooperative didactic strategies. The proposal was refined with the implementation of a rubric to assess students on five dimensions: 1) Physical activity, 2) Healthy habits, 3) Body expression and communication, 4) Activation and promotion of play and leisure skills, and 4) development of creative skills.

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