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Institute of Tourism Research - INSETUR

INSETUR is a research centre specialised in tourism at the University of Girona, dedicated to fundamental and applied research in tourism. It is a working space for fundamental research, applied research, knowledge transfer and further education in tourism. INSETUR studies tourism from a cross-disciplinary approach, bringing together various perspectives to analyse tourism: business, marketing, geography, heritage, law and environmental sciences...

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Dr Jordi Comas

Calonge-St. Antoni Chair of Gastronomy, Culture and Tourism

Gastronomy, culture and tourism. Three concepts united into one chairperson at the University of Girona presided over by Josep Roca. The creation of the Calonge-Sant Antoni Chair of Gastronomy, Culture and Tourism was possible thanks to the commitment of the council of the town in lower Empordà to which it owes its name. The main aim of the chair is to promote overlapping studies on the three axes of gastronomy, culture and tourism

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Dr M. Dolors Vidal-Casellas