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External placements

Curricular and extracurricular placements

Curricular placements are those that are configured as academic activities within the curriculum and entail passing the requirements to obtain a degree, in accordance with the provisions laid out in the corresponding curriculum. Curricular practicals are therefore an optional or compulsory module.

Extracurricular placements are those that do not form part of the curriculum and that students can carry out voluntarily during their education and that have the same purpose as curricular placements.

Practicum in the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism

12 credits

Compulsory subject in the third year of the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism. The student selects a company or public institution in the national or international area to complete 275 hours during the months of May and June. 

Teachers responsible for the subject:

Practicum in the Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and Public Relations


  • New curriculum: 
    • Compulsory fourth-year subject (12 credits) of 250 hours of education. 
    • Optional fourth-year subject (6 credits) of 125 hours. 

Mr Jordi Serra Simon

Professors responsible for the subject:
Dr Sílvia Espinosa
Dr Carmen Echazarreta

External placements in the Master's Degree in Tourism Planning and Management

6 credits

Compulsory subject of 150 hours in a company or public institution in the national or international area. They can be completed during the academic course. Placements should relate to destination management, the creation of tourist products, travel agencies or tourist business management and direction. On the student’s request, placements can be linked to the master's degree dissertation.

Professor responsible for the subject:
Dr Lluís Coromina Soler

Students in the Faculty of Tourism have the chance to complete voluntary placements (extracurricular) throughout their studies. The maximum duration of the academic course is 750 hours. To guarantee education quality, placements are always validated by a professor in the Faculty before processing the agreement.

The student can opt to carry out curricular and extracurricular placements in the same academic year as long as the total of both placements does not exceed 750 hours.
For both curricular and extracurricular placements, you need to enrol using the University of Girona company placement platform.

The placement period is formalised through a cooperation agreement. The student remains covered by school insurance.