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Bachelor's degree in Geography, Town and Country Planning and Environmental Management

Valid report:
Report (2009)
Documents Process Year
Centre monitoring report. Year 17-18 Monitoring 2019
Centre monitoring report. 2016-2017 Accreditation 2017
Centre monitoring report. Academic year 15-16 Monitoring 2017
Universities Board report Accreditation 2016
AQU Catalonia report Accreditation 2016
Self-report Accreditation 2015
Degree Follow-Up Report. 2012-13 academic year Monitoring 2014
Degree Follow-Up Report. 2011-12 academic year Monitoring 2012
Degree Follow-Up Report. 2010-11 academic year Monitoring 2012
Universities Board report Verification 2009
NECA report Verification 2009
Description Verification 2009

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