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International double degree

The University of Girona and the Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB) from Chile have established an international mobility agreement for 2015-2016 enabling one student from the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing at the UdG to carry out their 4th year practical subjects at the UNAB. This is a pilot experience planned to culminate with the signing of a collaboration agreement for an interuniversity dual degree programme between the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (GI) at the University of Girona and the pre-EHEA degree in Nursing and the Professional Diploma in Nursing at Universidad Andrés Bello. Once signed, the agreement will give 5 students from both institutions the chance to do this double degree. Likewise, 3 GI students will be able to choose the public call for mobility places for students during 2016-2017.

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