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Governing Committee

Headline Position / Representative
Dr  AMETLLER  LEAL,  JAUME  Director of the Department of Subject-Specific Education
Dr  CALBO  ANGRILL,  MONTSERRAT  Academic Secretary's Office
Dr  CAPARROS  CAPARROS,  BEATRIZ MARIA  Vice-Dean of Academic Policy and Quality
Ms  Fortià  Muñoz,  Avril  Student
Dr  FULLANA  NOELL,  JUDIT  Coordinator of the Master in Inclusive Education - Addressing Diversity
Dr  GONZALEZ  CARRASCO,  MONICA  Coordinator of the Master in Work, Labour Relations and Human Resources
Dr GONZALEZ  MARTINEZ,  JUAN  Coordinator for the Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education
Dr  GRANADOS  SANCHEZ,  JESUS  Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Teacher Training for Compulsory and Upper Secondary School Education, Vocational Training and Language Teaching
Dr  LANGARITA  ADIEGO,  JOSE ANTONIO  Coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
Dr  MALO  CERRATO,  SARA  Coordinator for the Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
Dr  MAYORAL  RODRIGUEZ,  SILVIA  Coordinator for the Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy
Dr  MONTSERRAT  BOADA,  MARIA CARME  Vice-Dean of Practicum and Mobility
Dr  PALMA  MUÑOZ,  MONTSERRAT  Director of the Department of Psychology
Mr  Pellegrino,    Santiago  Student
Dr PERACAULA  BOSCH, MARTA Coordinator of the Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education
Dr  PLANAS  I LLADO,  ANNA  Coordinator for the Bachelor's Degree in Social Education
Dr  PRIETO  FLORES,  OSCAR  Professor in the Department of Education
Mr  Raya  i Casanova,  Arnau  Student
Dr  SADURNI  BRUGUE,  MARTA  Coordinatorof the Master's Degree in General Health Psychology
Dr  SERRA  SALAME,  CARLES  Head of the Department of Education
Dr SOLE  PLA,  JOAN Teacher in the Department of Economics
Dr  SOLER  MASO,  PERE  Youth and Society Master's Degree coordinator
Mr  TRÈMOLS  DOMINGO,  CARLES  Administrative and service staff