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Paulo Freire Centre


The Paulo Freire Centre at the UdG is an entity that brings together a group of people from within and outside the University who are committed to working towards the following objectives:

  • Raising awareness of the political and pedagogic legacy of Paulo Freire
  • Promoting and disseminating new critical readings of Paulo Freire
  • Creating the P. Freire Space in the FEP-UdG
  • Collaborating with the Instituto Paulo Freire of Spain
  • Working together on all experiences and projects to eradicate illiteracy and to further Popular Education and Critical and Liberating Pedagogy both at the university and elsewhere.

Latest Nucli Paulo Freire papers in the press:

Ordinarily, the Centre meets monthly in the P. Freire Space (classroom 027) alternating the Reading Group and the General Meeting. The meetings and activities of the Centre are open to everybody.