Conferència "Excavating the boder thinking of transnational youth"
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Conferència "Excavating the boder thinking of transnational youth"

07/06/2019 - 10:00
07/06/2019 - 12:00
Aula 039 de la Facultat d'Educació i Psicologia
Moisès Esteban, professor del Departament de Psicologia

El divendres 7 de juny a les 10h a la'aula 039 tindrà lloc la conferència "Excavating the border thinking of transnational youth", a càrrec de Andrea Dyrness i Enrique Sepubleda (University of Colorado, USA).

La conferència es donarà en anglès i castellà.

Ponents: Andrea Dyrness i Enrique Sepubleda (University of Colorado, USA)

In both the United States and Europe, popular and policy discourses of integration construct immigrant young people’s transnational affiliations as suspect and a threat to democratic society. But what meanings do young people attach to their transnational experiences, and what are the implications for citizenship? This presentation draws on findings from our forthcoming book to highlight Latinx young people's transnational experiences and border thinking as cultural resources for decolonizing citizenship. Drawing on ethnographic research with Latinx youth in three different geographic locations—in Northern California, El Salvador, and Spain—we engage young people's reflections on their relationships to multiple communities, to facilitate the expression of complex, fluid, multiple identities. These methods allow us to excavate and bring to light histories, experiences, and yearnings that dominant discourses of integration disregard or erase. We argue that transnational young people’s multiple connections to home and host countries offer them a critical perspective on national citizenship that lends itself to the development of democratic civic identities. Their multiple experiences of belonging and exclusion across multiple national contexts sharpen their awareness of and commitment to democratic rights and citizenship.