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Student representation

At the UdG

Course representative:
The course representative informs all the students in each group about matters affecting them and sends any questions, suggestions and feedback from the group to the corresponding person or body. They are elected at the beginning of each year.

Study Council:
The Study Council is a registered body that studies and discusses everything that affects degree teaching and programming. Students have three representatives on each study council.

Faculty Board:
The Faculty Board approves general Faculty initiatives, plans the use of financial resources and establishes administration guidelines. 27% of the members are students of the Faculty chosen through biennial elections.

Governing Committee:
The Governing Committee proposes the approval or change of course curricula and plans within the Faculty. Among other functions it arranges, on the suggestion of the academic councils, the distribution of timetables, classrooms and examinations. There are three student representatives on the Governing Committee.

University senate:
The University Senate is the highest governing body of the university community. It approves the general performance initiatives and the budget, it supervises the management of positions and governing bodies and discusses matters affecting the university community. 23% of the members are students of University of Girona chosen through biennial elections.

Student Council:
The Student Council is the highest representative and decision-making body of University of Girona students and is made up of all senate students. It advises on the interests of all students, defends them, coordinates their representatives, provides information on general university guidelines and administers its resources. Within the Council there is a standing committee with student representatives from each faculty and several sector work committees (economic, cultural, academic...).

Governing Council of the University of Girona:
The Governing Council of the University of Girona is the university’s ordinary governing body. It assists the rector in their functions and, among other tasks, approves University of Girona programming, academic regulations and curricula. There are five student representatives on the standing committee of the Student Council.