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SICUE - Séneca programme

Exchange system among Spanish universities


SICUE is a program of the Conference of rectors of Spanish Universities, launched in the 2000-2001 academic, to carry out validated studies at Spanish universities. Similar criteria to those of the Erasmus+ and Prometeu programmes apply.

In practice, this means you can go and study at another university in Spain for a year or half a year, without ceasing to be a student of the University of Girona.

  • Completing a period of studies at the receiving university of between three and nine months, depending on that which is established in the corresponding bilateral agreement.

  • Academic recognition of credits obtained in accordance with the University of Girona’s current rules.

  • The awarding of one and a half credits of academic recognition for every month of the placement carried out, up to the maximum of the 6 credits that the bachelor's degree requires.

  • Total exemption of payment for academic fees at the destination university. Enrolment is formalised and paid as normal to the University of Girona.

  • Be enrolled in the UdG in a degree subject when applying and requesting mobility and have passed more than 45 credits before 30 September the previous year.
  • Be enrolled for 30 further credits.
  • Be a citizen of a Member State of the European Community or of any other State with a residence permit in the Spanish state.
  • The call for SICUE places is made public around February. If there are more applications than places in a particular destination, places are assigned according to the marks in the academic record.
  • The application must be formalised on the -ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-Mobout</g> platform. They can request up to six options.

Places available

University Months Teacher in charge Level Total number of places
UNIV. COMMUNITY OF MADRID 9 Diego M. Papayannis 1
UNIV. BARCELONA 9 Diego M. Papayannis 2
UNIV. BARCELONA 5 Diego M. Papayannis 2
UNIV. GRANADA 9 Diego M. Papayannis 2
UNIV. HUELVA 9 Diego M. Papayannis 4
UNIV. JAUME I (Castelló) 9 Diego M. Papayannis 2
UNIV. LLEIDA 9 Diego M. Papayannis 2
UNIV. MÁLAGA 9 Diego M. Papayannis 2
UNIV. REY JUAN CARLOS (Madrid) 9 Diego M. Papayannis 2
UNIV. SALAMANCA 9 Darnaculleta Gardella, Maria Merce 6
UNIV. VALÈNCIA 9 Diego M. Papayannis 2