Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences

Booking classrooms

The Faculty spaces are available to book, whenever they are free.

In the section "Procedure and form" you will find information on how to make a booking and the form to complete if necessary.

In the section "Spaces" you will find the spaces available and their specifications.

- STAFF AND PEOPLE LINKED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF GIRONA: In this case, if you want to book a Faculty space, simply send an email to reservaespais.dretieconomiques@udg.edu .

The email should include the following information in this order:

  • The person requesting the booking and their link to the university.
  • Contact number.
  • Name and type of activity (teaching, course, conference, etc.) and the person in charge.
  • Predicted no. of attendees.
  • When it is taking place (day/days and time).
  •  The Faculty you wish to book in (FBSE or FL).
  • Please specify if you have a specific space in mind.

- STAFF OR PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE UNIVERSITY OF GIRONA: In this case, you need to fill in the booking form below and send it to reservaespais.dretieconomiques@udg.edu. We can then provide a quote tailored to your needs according to the rates approved by the Board of Trustees.

The building of the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences was designed by the architect Arcadi Pla and was opened in 1997-1998. It has four floors with 19 teaching classrooms, which can accommodate between 40 and 190 people and are equipped with the necessary IT and multimedia equipment.

The building also has:

  • A reading room with capacity of 88,
  • Seminar room for between 10 and 22 people
  • three computer classrooms each with 24 PCs for educational use with internet connection.

You can view all the Faculty spaces and their specifications in the attached file.