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Welcome to the web page of the University of Girona's Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences.

On behalf of all the teachers and administrative and service staff, it gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our centre.

The Faculty is the benchmark for economic matters in the province of Girona. Economic and Business Studies in Girona date back to 1950 with the establishment of the Commercial Studies Centre. In 1974, with the name School of Commercial and Business Studies, it was linked to the University School of Business Studies of Sabadell. Incorporation into the General Study of Girona, attached to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, happened in 1984 with the name University School of Business Studies. With the creation of the University of Girona in 1992, diploma courses were integrated into the Faculty of Legal and Economic Sciences. Now within the University of Girona, in the year 2000, the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences was officially born.

On this web page, you will find detailed information on all the courses, teaching staff, services and all the activities that are carried out: work placements, international study placements, lectures... I hope that this information serves to open the doors of the UdG to you from your first day in the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences.

From this day on, we hope you find this new phase of your education enjoyable and that you strive to make the most of it. Please know that we, the members of the Dean's Office team, promise to offer you guidance whenever you need it.

Dr Jaume Portella i Comas
Dr Rosa Ros i Massana
Dr Carme Saurina i Canals
Dr Anna Garriga i Ripoll
years 2008-2012 and 2016-2020

Before the current Faculty was created, Dr Carles Cassú i Mellado was the Director of the University School of Business Sciences. The School was incorporated into the Faculty of Legal-Economic Sciences (1992-1994) Dr Luís Maria Pérez Herrero was the dean.

Deans at the Faculty, with their special dedication to the educational and academic management, have helped to further the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences.