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Work placements

The company work placements constitute an optional subject within the curricula of all degrees and are regulated by specific regulations that guarantee their quality. To sum up, these regulations establish: the types of placements, the functions of the faculty and company tutors (monitoring the student and issuing reports) and the conditions to be met by the reports and projects students have to produce.

The placements in companies and institutions are aimed at students in the final year of the Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Finance, the Degree in Business Administration and Management, the Degree in Economics, the dual degree in Business Administration and Management and Economics and the Master in Entrepreneurship and Business Development.

  • You must be a student in the final year and be completing the Degree. This means, you must be carrying out the Final Degree Project in order to undertake the Company work placement.
  • You have to register for the work placement, 12 elective credits or recognition of credits.
  • If you have not done so in the ordinary enrolment period for the course, then you need to contact the Placement Office because you need to be enrolled on the "Company Work Placement" course before starting your placement.
  • The deadline for completing placements is 4 September 2020.


  1. Attend the information session at the start of the year.
  2. Have an individual tutorial with the Placement Officer to go over your application and CV.
  3. Upload your CV to the placement web platform. (Check the instructions for writing a CV and doing work interviews in theGuide to communication skills).
  4. Sign up for the offers that interest you professionally, which you will find on the placement web platform: https://practiques.udg.edu/prem/Remember your commitment to respond to any calls and emails from the companies you have registered for.
  5. You can also go for an offer that is not on the website. In this case, you need to contact the Placement Office directly to validate the offer and carry out the rest of the administrative tasks.


  1. Collect the agreement from the company and bring it to the University for signing. (it is sent by email to the company with a copy sent to the student). Digital Signature!.
  2. Go to the Academic Secretary's Office to carry out the enrolment in accordance with the evaluation period for your placement, which is determined by the date your agreement concludes:
    • Group A: February
    • Group B: June
    • Group C: September
  3. Start the placement in accordance with the dates of the agreement.
  4. Contact your Faculty tutor.

Art. 6 Part of the text of the FCEE placement regulations: The supervision mentioned in the previous section is obligatory.

The student will have to meet with the academic tutor a minimum of three times.

  • The first meeting should take place around the project submission deadline.
  • The second meeting should take place a month later and will serve to let the tutor know how the placement is going. After this meeting, the tutor will issue the corresponding report.
  • The last one, is around the time of the report presentation, executive summary and poster. At this point, the tutor will issue the final report, which will be taken into account in the final evaluation.

  1. Presenting the placement project. In should be submitted via the website on the dates indicated in the calendar for the academic year (at the end of this section you will find a document with the guidelines).
  2. Submitting the Report, Executive summary and Placement Poster. In should be submitted via the website on the dates indicated in the calendar for the academic year (at the end of this section you will find a document with the guidelines).
  3. Presenting the Poster. This presentation is carried out in person and is compulsory. The date is determined by the placement enrolment group (A, B or C) which appears on the calendar for the 2018-2019 academic year.


Due to their academic nature, the placements are assessed in accordance with the article 8 of the Placement Regulations, with the following weighting:

  • Company tutor report, giving a global appraisal of the work placement: 40% (you will find the report templates at the end of this section).
  • Faculty tutor report, appraising the report and the executive summary: 40% (you will find the report template at the end of this section).
  • Appraisal of the poster and the public presentation: 20 %

Not carrying out the Placement, not submitting the work or not attending the public presentation means Absent. To pass the subject, the student has to pass each of the three appraisals.