Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences

Postgraduate students

Master in Entrepreneurship and Business Development

(Information for 2018-2019 coming soon)


Enrolment process

Online enrolment for the Master in Entrepreneurship and Business Development will open on 21 July 2017 on the enrolment platform. Access documentation will be requested once classes start.

  • Subjects: The minimum for enrolment is 30 credits the first year and 24 in successive years, the maximum is 60 credits.

Paying enrolment fees

Your bank domicile is required, otherwise the program will not let you continue. There are several payment methods to choose from:

In one single payment or in instalments whenever the minimum academic fee is greater than €400. The final amount is the same as it would be in a single payment (no interest is charged) and it can be divided into two or three instalments or a monthly payment (payments are made on the 5th of every month and the last payment will be taken on 5 May).

Here you can find the University payment deadlines.

You can also select an AGAUR credit.

Students will have to bring the documentation stated during enrolment and it should be duly accredited. If the documentation is incomplete, is the wrong type or is not the same as declared when applying for a place, the enrolment process cannot be completed.

It is important to read the regulations specific to master’s studies on the University of Girona website. 

Once enrolled, if you have not been a student of the UdG before, you need to go to the Academic Secretary's Office to have your photo taken for your student card. You will also receive your username and password to access the UdG intranet and your record. To ensure the office is open, you can do this once master’s degree classes start.


Students previously enrolled on the master's degree can enrol online from 4 to 8 September 2017:

  • from any computer with internet connection (from 08.00 to 01.00)
  • in the computer rooms in the Faculty whenever there is no enrolment of new students taking place

Staff at the secretary’s office will answer any doubts you may have by email at secretaria.dretieconomiques@udg.edu.

You can access online enrolment from My UdG and enrol by following the instructions on the screen. The enrolment guide and class timetables can be found on the intranet through your record or on the Faculty of Law website www.udg.edu/fd

Remember that once enrolment has been submitted, you can modify it via online enrolment until one in the morning the same day. It cannot be changed after this time.

The conditions for exemptions or allowances as regards enrolment fees can be found in Enrolment – Allowances and Loans, as well as details of the supporting documentation you need to present when formalising the process. This documentation must be provided before starting the enrolment process at the Academic Secretary's Office. You can send scanned copies to secretaria.dretieconomiques@udg.edu and take the originals to the office of the secretary once classes have started.

Payment methods:

  1. One single payment. The amount will be charged to your account a few days after enrolment is completed.
  2. Payment in instalments. The first payment will be charged immediately and the remaining amount in instalments as described on the UdG website in the payment calendar. 

To pay the academic fees you must provide an IBAN international bank account number (all 24 digits are needed). The account used in the preceding year will be used by default. If you wish to modify it and are not the account holder, you will have to take a completed communication/modification of bank data form to the Academic Secretary's Office together with a photocopy of the account holder’s ID.

If you wish to apply for a grant, please consult the website of the UdG Grants Department and carry out all the relevant procedures online before you enrol. Please take into account that if you enrol without having carried out these procedures, you will have to pay the enrolment fees.

It is important to read the regulations specific to master’s studies on the University of Girona website. 

You can pick up the folder for the next year from the Porter's office from the first day of classes.