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Studying abroad


TheInternational Relations Office manages several programmes that enable students to broaden their knowledge, discover new cultures, interact with students and teachers from other Spanish, European, Latin-American and North American universities, as well as add to their CVs and open up new opportunities for the future. Thanks to these programmes, students can benefit from an experience that will enable them to grow personally and which they will never forget.

The different programmes

Long stays

  • ERASMUS+: this is a programme offering students the chance to study in another EU country for one semester or for an entire academic year. The Erasmus+ Grant is awarded to everyone who takes part in it.
  • PROMETHEUS: programme that gives students the possibility to study in a Latin-American country and in Florida too, for a semester. The Santander Scholarship is not awarded to every student but only to those who meet its exacting requirements.
  • SICUE: a programme that offers students the possibility to study at another Spanish university for an entire academic year.

Detailed information about the activities promoted by ORI
Information ERASMUS-PROMETEU 2019-20
Information SICUE 2019-20

The following link shows you the various universities we have agreements with and where students can stay:

Long Stay Enrolments: MOBOUT

Host university selection process:
  • 10/12/18 (13.00, Faculty of Science main hall): UdG information session
  • 18/12/18 (13.30, classroom 16): FCEE information session
  • 10/12/18 – 18/02/18: MobOut application
  • 20/2/19: Filling in and delivering the individual ranking. Priority criteria
  • 22/2/19: Publication of the provisional ranking
  • 25/2/19: Publication of the final ranking
  • 26/2/19: (15.00, Bachelor's Degree room): Auction
  • 8/3/19: Publication of place allocation
  • 8/3/19 - 18/03/19: Acceptance or withdrawal of places through the MobOut application
  • 01/04/19: Final allocation of places (awarded, denied, renounced and rejected)

You will be informed by prior appointment with the person in charge at the ORI (in order of“deadlines” )

Individual administrative process:
You have the document of procedures for the academic year 2019-2020 for the individual administrative process.


Short stays

  • ETAP: this is another intercultural activity held for a week with students from other European universities. It consists of solving practical cases from an accounting perspective and is carried out in teams of six. Students also take part in different cultural activities.
  • EUROWEEK: this is an intercultural activity held for a week. It involves preparing a project with students from other European universities while holding diverse activities that are both educational and cultural.
  • INTERNATIONAL EVENT IN ARNHEM: this is an intercultural activity held for a week in Arnhem, in the Netherlands. It involves a businesses-simulation game carried out between English and Dutch students. Besides performing out cultural activities.
  • INTERNATIONAL WEEK: an intercultural activity that takes place over the course of a week. It consists of attending lectures on economic and entrepreneurial subjects. Cultural activities are also organised. This is always held in Budapest.

Other activities

  • ACADEMIC STUDENT PARTNER: this involves academically supporting an ERASMUS+ student who comes to the UdG.
  • SEMINARS IN ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS SCIENCES: these are lectures given by visiting lecturers from international universities.

We will now provide you with the link for filling in the form, should you be interested in taking part in short stays or carrying out the other activities:
Enrolment form

You will receive notification of important dates by email.

For further information do not hesitate to get in touch with ori.economiques@udg.edu , or you can come directly to the International Relations Office (on Floor 1, Dean's Offices area).

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International Relations Office (ORI) of the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences

Dr Pilar Morera – ORI and ERASMUS+ Programme Vice-Dean
Dr Ramon Ballester – Prometheus Programmes and SICUE
Tel.: + 34 972 418 094
E-mail: ori.economiques@udg.edu