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The Faculty of Science is the UdG centre responsible for the organization of scientific and related subjects and the administrative and management processes leading to the official qualifications particular to scientific and related fields.

It is the Faculty of Science’s mission to oversee the evolution and innovation to ensure that studies in the area of scientific knowledge at the University of Girona respond to the needs of society and adapt to the new structure of university education.

On behalf of the team in the Office of the Dean, the Teaching Staff and the Administrative and Service Staff, welcome to the Faculty of Science website, where you can find information about the organization of the centre, information on course curricula and how courses are run, administrative procedures, information about mobility programmes and work placements, the Tutorial Action Plan (TAP), faculty services and the calendar of activities at the centre and the Departments and Research Institutes based here. We want the website to be open, dynamic and above all, useful, for everyone, whether or not they are connected with the university, so they can find out more about our activities and access up to date information about them. I encourage you to take an active part in the governing bodies of the Faculty (Faculty Board and Academic Councils) to represent your colleagues as class representatives, to train as mentors or to take part in the reception sessions or open days and Sant Albert as well as seminars, conferences and other complementary activities we organise throughout the year.

Above all, I encourage you to tell us your suggestions for improvements you would like to see in the academic organisation of the Faculty of Science and the communal life and dialogue among the members of our community.

Jesús Colprim