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Offer of subjects for academic course 2019-2020

University Master's Degree in Science and Technology of the Hydric Resources

Immersion in the Water

Name of the subject and description Type Credits Group Duration Language

Usos de l'agua (3501MO3080)

Integrated water cycle. Basic legislative framework. Administrative organisation of water management. Activity-linked USPS (analysis of urban, industrial, agricultural and livestock, environmental, recreational and energy-generating uses). Competition between the various uses. Offer and demand policies in water management.

OBCompulsory 6 A 1first semester ESSpanish

Medi Hídric (3501MO3081)

The concept of water basin and water dynamics (water balance). Surface and underground hydrology. Sustainable exploitation (capture) of water resources and preservation of their quality. Relationship between aquifers, rivers and wetlands. The concept of eutrophication in the context of hydrographic basin. Dynamics of nutrients in aquatic ecosystems. Answer of the organisations.

OBCompulsory 6 A 1first semester ESSpanish

Sistemes de tractament de l'aigua (3501MO3082)

Urban cycle of the water and main infrastructures. Systems of water supply. Lines of process and description of the operations of acondicionament for potable water. Desalinisation. Systems of sanitation of the residual water (sewers and treatment plants): description of the main unitary operations of the lines of water and muds of the treatment plants. Systems of urban drainage (pluvial and sanitary).

OBCompulsory 6 A 1first semester ESSpanish

Aigua i innovació (3501MO3083)

Cycle of seminars and debate of subject matters current and innovative of the field of the water, imparted by national and international experts, that allow to complement the knowledge acquired to the module. Among other subjects it is proposed: Circular, Biomimetic economy, Smart water, Water and cooperation, Potential of the nanomaterials in the field of the water, Graphene, Blue cities, emergent Pollutants, etc.

OBCompulsory 3 A 1first semester NDundefined

Specialisation in Sciences of the Water

Name of the subject and description Type Credits Group Duration Language

Sistemes Fluvials (3501MO3084)

Functioning of the fluvial systems in conditions optimum and in conditions of stress. Implications of the escassedat of the water for the fluvial ecosystems: structure, functioning and loaned services. Use and conservation of the fluvial ecosystems: limits for its sustainability, biodiversity and function. Management and restoration.

OPoptional 3 A 1first semester ESSpanish

Sistemes lenítics (3501MO3085)

The lenític concept of environment. Flows of nutrients: external contributions and recycled internal. Answer of the organisations to the dynamics hydrological and of nutrients. Concept of metacommunity. Mechanisms of dispersion in aquatic organisations.

OPoptional 3 A 1first semester CACatalan

Qualitat de l'aigua (3501MO3086)

Concept of quality of the water. Normative aspects. Parameters indicatory of quality of the water (physic-chemical, microbiological and biological). Indexes of waters quality. Surveillance and control of the quality of the water.

OPoptional 3 A 1first semester ESSpanish

Specialisation in Technological Solutions

Name of the subject and description Type Credits Group Duration Language

Infraestructures bàsiques de l'aigua (3501MO3087)

Systems of catchment: superficial and underground (reservoirs, systems of collection of pluvial, wells). Systems of transport: at pressure and with free sheet (pipes, canals). Systems of impulsion (groups of pressure). Systems of distribution: agricultural and of green areas (irrigation systems) and industrialist (hydraulic facilities, metres, protection against fires). Systems of drainage agricultural and of green areas. Efficiency in the use of the water and the energy.

OPoptional 3 A 1first semester ESSpanish

Aplicació de tecnologies de la informació i comunicació als sistemes hídrics (3501MO3088)

Instrumentation, control and intelligent monitoring of hydric processes. Transmission, storage and advanced treatment of data. Systems of Geographical Information for the hydric management. Systems of support to the decision making for procesos hidrics.

OPoptional 3 A 1first semester NDundefined

Solucions integrades al sector de l'aigua (3501MO3089)

Technologies of the water in different stages. Sustainable and/or innovative alternative technologies. Industrial water. Water in paisos in development. Reuse of the water.

OPoptional 3 A 1first semester ESSpanish

Immersion to the Job Market of the Water

Name of the subject and description Type Credits Group Duration Language

Gestió empresarial en el sector de l'aigua (3501MO3090)

Public and private organisations in the sector of the water: Definition, typologies and differential characteristics. Model of business and plan of company: Analysis strategic, plan of marketing, plan of operations and plan economic-financial. The role of the public administration and the collaboration public-private.

OBCompulsory 3 A 2second semester ESSpanish

Pràctiques en empresa (3501MO3091)

Realisation of practicals in companies or institutions (public or private) in order to provide the student capacities and aptitudes necessary for the exercise of professional activities and the emprenedoria. Familiarisation with the utilisation of tools, instruments, techniques and/or knowledge specific to the area of the water that favours the incorporation to the job market.

OBCompulsory 12 A 2second semester NDundefined

Master's Thesis

Name of the subject and description Type Credits Group Duration Language

Treball Final de Màster (3501MO3092)

Creative integration of knowledge and skills with the aim of producing a research work, project or similar related to a professional and research speciality of the master. Elaboration by heart and public presentation and defence of the work carried out.

OBCompulsory 15 A 2second semester NDundefined
B 2second semester NDundefined