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Offer of subjects for academic course 2009-2010

Bachelor's degree in Social Education

The social educator and its action

Name of the subject and description Type Credits Group Duration Language

L'educador social i la seva acció (3101G02033)

The purpose of this module is to facilitate an approach to the professional figure of the social educator in the main spaces of professional intervention to the students of new entry, in its functions and workspaces preferential. Education and socio-educational intervention in the contemporary world. The contexts of the professional practical in social education. Main areas and sectors of intervention in social education: characteristics, evolution, current situation and perspectives of future. The educator/in social as a professional: development of the profession and relation with other social agents. Systems of access to the information as a basic knowledge for the update of knowledge in social education. Strategies of bibliographical research, selection, organisation, presentation, analysis and criticism of the information.

OBCompulsory 12 A 1first semester NDundefined

Theoretical and methodological currents in social education

Name of the subject and description Type Credits Group Duration Language

Corrents teòrics i metodològics en educació social (3101G02034)

a) Approach to educational thought: Concept and approaches to education, educational challenges and stakeholders, historical evolution of contemporary social movements B) Contemporary theories of education: from the beginning of the pedagogical modernity to twenty-first century educational trends. C) Educational contexts and stakeholders: the educational system and its specific programmes, the family as a privileged context for intergenerational education, education in the community and the city as a social integration space, leisure as a social engagement tool, peer groups and the media.

Bbasic 12 A 1first semester NDundefined

Society, culture and education

Name of the subject and description Type Credits Group Duration Language

Societat, cultura i educació (3101G02035)

Basic concepts for sociocultural analysis, theories of culture and society, the evolution of modern society to postmodernity, elements for the identity construction and cultural diversity and the analysis of the pillars of inequality in current society; migratory fluxes, cultural diversity and social challenges, study of the processes of integration in multicultural contexts, the bases and challenges of intercultural education and intervention strategies from an intercultural perspective.

Bbasic 12 A 2second semester NDundefined

The psychology as a tool for the educational practical

Name of the subject and description Type Credits Group Duration Language

La psicologia com a eina per a la pràctica educativa (3101G02036)

This module orients itself to the analysis and knowledge of the concepts and fundamental psychological processes for the understanding of the contexts social and of development in relation to the reasoning and behaviour. This analysis is organised into three large sections, which enables enabling us to address issues ranging from generic subjects such as interaction and the socialisation process to more specific issues such as interpersonal relations. 1.- Interaction and the social reality: change related to socialisation and learning processes. 2. - Development of social perception: stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination. 3.- Intergroup relations and social identities in the different life stages. 4.- Conformity and conflict as a driver of social change. 5. - Interpersonal relations and their deployment.

Bbasic 12 A 2second semester NDundefined

The learning of university student 1

Name of the subject and description Type Credits Group Duration Language

L'aprenentatge de l'estudiant universitari 1 (3101G02037)

This module is destined to the orientation of the student in its incorporation in the university world to facilitate its development in the academic life, working professional competences initially. contents will be worked as: Strategies of independent learning at university. The work in team at the university as a space of professional competences learning of the social educator. Resolving conflicts in academia: tools of reflection and improvement.

Bbasic 6 A Aannual NDundefined

Learning through the information technologies and the communication

Name of the subject and description Type Credits Group Duration Language

Aprenentatge a través de les tecnologies de la informació i la comunicació (3101G02038)

This module is designed to develop students’ instrumental, communicative and systemic competences related to digital and audiovisual culture, which facilitate their personal and professional development in the current context, based on the following content: - Basic characteristics of the knowledge society and the main social, cultural and educational impacts. - Core components of audiovisual communication: industry and the production process, the different categories of the media and genres, the elements that comprise audiovisual language, the media’s representation of reality and its impact on the audience. - Researching, selecting and processing information using different techniques and strategies, depending on the source and the supports used (printed, audiovisual, digital). - Understanding and composing different messages with a diverse range of communicative or creative intentions, promoting critical and reflexive attitudes when appraising the available information, contrasting it where necessary, and respecting the rules agreed in the professional area to regulate the use of information.

Bbasic 6 A Aannual NDundefined