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The Social Commitment Units offers an opportunity for students to obtain 1 academically recognised credit for taking part in educational courses organised by that same unit, as well as in volunteer work activities carried out in the social organisations it has agreements with, so long as they are part of the offers published on the UdG’s volunteering website. As many as 6 voluntary work initiatives may be carried out.
Solidarity and Cooperation activities
Associated codes:
3100RA0918  Voluntariat IVoluntariado IVolunteering I (1 credit)
3100RA0919  Voluntariat IIVoluntariado IIVolunteering II (1 credit)
3100RA0920  Voluntariat IIIVoluntariado IIIVolunteering III (1 credit)
3100RA0921  Voluntariat IVVoluntariado IVVolunteering IV (1 credit)
3100RA0922  Voluntariat VVoluntariado VVolunteering V (1 credit)
3100RA0923  Voluntariat VIVoluntariado VIVolunteering VI (1 credit)
Organizing body:
Social Commitment Unit
Gemma Ros
On the Social Commitment Unit’s website (
The range of activities on offer is periodically updated. They are carried out on various days and at various times, depending on each activity. There are offers throughout the academic year, and even during summer.
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