Access to degrees for university graduates
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Access to degrees for university graduates

Academic year 2019-2020

People who already have a university degree who wish to start another degree should complete the pre-enrolment form on the University Access Portal and submit the documentation on the courses they have studied within the established time period in the Student Access Assistance Section. 3% of places are reserved for university graduates.

The documentation required is:

    • Official certificate of grades for all the courses and the final mark (between 0 and 10 points).
    • The professional degree certificate or certificate payment slip (if the certificate of grades shows that the degree certificate has been paid for, it is not necessary to submit the degree certificate or payment slip).

If, in addition to a university degree, you meet any of the other requirements for getting a place at the university (for example, university entrance exams or advanced technician qualification), you may also apply for admission through the general quota of places. In this case, where necessary, you need to submit any supporting academic documentation .

It is a good idea to carefully study the university course catalogue (what the courses consist of, how they are structured, where they are delivered, what professional career options they lead to, etc.) and look at the pass marks for the previous years so you have a good idea when you complete the pre-enrolment.