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Access to bachelor’s degrees for students over the age of 45

2020-2021 academic year

Students over the age of 45 years who meet the established requirements can access the university by passing an entrance exam and a personal interview. The steps to follow are:


Consult the current call and governing regulations to find out the admission requirements and calendar.

Formally enrol for the entrance exam through the University Admissions Portal within the set deadlines, pay the fees and submit the requisite documents.


Passing the entrance exam

Once you have passed the exam, formally pre-enrol for the university through the University Admissions Portal , to request the centre and study you wish to access, within the established deadline.

The university will contact candidates to inform them of the day and time of their interviews.


Passing the personal interview.

For some courses, it is also necessary to pass a personal aptitude test (PAT).


See theassignment of places, which will be published on the University Admissions Portal , in accordance with the university pre-enrolment calendar.

1% of the places on bachelor's degree courses will be reserved for candidates who have passed the admission process. The places will be assigned according to the overall mark obtained.


Attend the informative session organised by the centre where the assigned study is taught and enrol within the established deadlines; otherwise the place will be lost.