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Validated credit transfer from higher level training cycles

Validated credit transfer from higher level training cycles - 2022-2023 academic year


Students who have passed a particular higher level educational cycle (CFGS) and have started a bachelor's degree course at the University of Girona can have their credits transferred in accordance with the table of correspondences between CFGS and study programmes at the UdG.

If they come from any secondary education centre in Catalonia, these students can ask the academic secretary from their education centre to request a credit transfer from the moment they are offered a place on a course.

Students who have studied outside Catalonia any of the training cycles that can be validated must attach to their application a certificate showing the content of the curriculum studied in their place of origin; once the degree of affinity between this and the university curriculum has been assessed, a decision will be made on whether or not the credits may be transferred and the applicant will be duly informed.

University students who were unable to transfer credits at the time they enrolled at the university, because the corresponding credit transfer had not been established, can subsequently ask the secretary from their education centre to request said transfer within the terms established.

In order for the validated credit transfer to take place, the fee established in the Generalitat's decree on annual prices must be paid.

Correspondences between higher level training cycles and bachelor's degree courses 2022-2023

Joint degrees

Bachelor's degrees

(*) For teacher training degrees, validated credit transfers partly depend on the chosen option. See the detail on validated credit transfers according to mention.

(**) The same validated credit transfer rules apply to all bachelor's degree in Tourism courses (Faculty of Tourism and attached schools), even though the names of the subjects may be slightly different depending on which centre delivers them.

Last updated: 13/07/2022

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