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This is the specific program of activities for employees of the University of Girona: PAS and PDI.

  • The physical activity and the sport in these collectives are fostered in order to be able reconciling work, sport and health.
  • In the event of registering besides a directed activity (programme directed to all the university community) in a same term they are obtained discounts.
  • MOU-TE a la feina (get moving at work) programme: The main aim is for UdG workers, both PAS (administrative and service staff) and PDI (teaching and research staff), who take part in the programme to acquire practical, real-life and up-to-date knowledge, to apply at work whenever their body asks them for it. To achieve the proposed benefits, it is enough to take part in the practical sessions that have been scheduled ( 50 minutes a week) and apply the skills learnt, incorporating them as one more part of the working day through two or three healthy breaks that are just 5 minutes long when the body asks for it (normally every 2 or 3 hours). To access this programme, you need to register through the +Meva training section of the UdG.