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Placements in companies allow students to complete internships in companies and institutions with the aim of completing their education and acquiring practical experience. These practicals bring the reality of the professional world and the job market closer to the Polytechnic.

Completion of these placements is regulated by the Polytechnic School’s Regulations on external academic placements for bachelor's degree and Master's degree studies.

Work Placements

Work Placements (EEL) are external curricular practicals and the completion of a placement is part of the academic record of the Polytechnic student since it forms part of the degree curriculum.

A particular case are long-term placements (Integrated Dual Stays: Education and Insertion EDIFI), that allow students to do placements in an enterprise for more than one academic year.

More information on the EELs 

Placements in companies abroad

Placements in companies can be completed abroad under mobility programmes Erasmus+ for Traineeships </g> and placements in China managed by the UdG’s External Relations Office (ORE ).