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Quality policy and commitment

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Quality throughout the centre

The Polytechnic School is making a big effort to continually improve the quality of its studies. Work is currently being done on certification for a new internal quality management system (SIGQ) which will replace the current one and is better suited to the processes implemented at the School. This improvement is ascertained through the satisfaction of all those people who take part in the School’s studies, which is shown in the degree Follow-Up and of Accreditation reports.

The accreditation processes have been successfully completed for all the degrees assessed. An Internal Accreditation Committee (CAI), coordinated by the centre’s quality manager, was created for each process. The most recent accreditations carried out are:

2016: Process of accreditation of the degrees:

  • Master of Industrial Engineering
  • Master's degree in food biotechnology
  • Master in Smart Cities

Selfreport of accreditation of the studies (CAI2016 )

The visit of the External Accreditation Committee took place on 13 December 2016.

2017-2018: Process of accreditation of the degrees:

  • Master in Architecture
  • Master in Computer Engineering
  • Master's in Business Innovation and Technology Management
  • Master Smart Healthcare

Selfreport of accreditation of the studies (CAI2017)

Each year, a Follow-Up Report is also produced for all studies that are not in the accreditation process. The last report refers to 2017-18:

Report of Follow-Up of the Polytechnic School (course 2017-18)

Quality and regulations management bodies

The most important organ in the management of the Quality in the Polytechnic School is the Commission of Centre Quality. This committee is the body responsible for quality processes related to official degrees at the Polytechnic School. Thus, CQC has to keep vigil for the quality in the approach and deployment of the processes of verification, follow-up, modification and accreditation of the bachelor's degree studies and of master taught in the centre, as well as also of the processes of the SGIQ (Internal System of Management of the Quality) at level of teaching institution.

The Polytechnic Quality Committee is made up as follows:

  1. Director of the School, which presides over it
  2. The person responsible for the processes of quality of the centre
  3. Els/les coordinadors/ores of all the bachelor's degree studies of the teaching institution
  4. Els/les coordinadors/ores of all the master's degree studies ascribed to the teaching institution
  5. Un/a professor/a of each department the majority teaching of which is in the studies of the centre
  6. 3 students of bachelor's degree and 1 student of master of the taught studies in the centre chosen by the Student Council and designated by the dean/dean or director/director
  7. 1 representative of the PAS, the functions of which have relation with the organisation and the management of the teaching of the centre
  8. Until a maximum of 3 representatives of external organisations related with the bachelor's degree studies and of master of the teaching institution, at the proposal of the dean or director of the teaching institution,
  9. The administrator of the area of studies, which he will make the functions of secretary
  10. A member of the GPA (Planning and Assessment Office) without vote

Composition of the Commission of Quality of the Faculty of the Polytechnic School