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Institute of Computer Science and Applications (IIiA)

The Institute of Computer Science and Applications (ICS&A) is a research institute at the University of Girona, whose mission is to spread basic knowledge about Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The ICS&A was created in 1996 and at present has 90 researchers, 40 of whom have a doctorate, who carry out teaching and research at a national and international level.

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Dr. Immaculada Boda Oliveras 

Institute of Computer Vision and Robotics Research

The Institute of Computer Vision and Robotics Research (ViCOROB) at the University of Girona was created in 2014. Currently representing10% of RTS productivity at the UdG, it is a leading institute in Catalonia in the areas of: Medical Image Analysis, Multimedia Image Analysis, 3D Perception in industrial environments, Subaquatic vision, Subaquatic robotics and Artificial intelligence.

The Institute is comprised of two research groups ViCOROB and ARLAB. Both have had the “TECNIO” knowledge transfer quality seal granted by the Government of Catalonia for a long time. 

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Dr Pere Ridao 

Institute of Food and Agricultural Technology (INTEA)

TheInstitute of Food and Agricultural Technology (INTEA) is a university research institute of the University of Girona (UdG). The INTEA was created on 30 May 1996 to promote and foster research and teaching activities related to the Agricultural sector, especially those related to the geographical area near the University of Girona.

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Dr. Maria Dolors Parés Oliva