Polytechnic School

Academic record transfer of studies with a minimum of 30 recognised credits

(studies started at the UdG or in another Spanish university)

The condition that the students that they have initiated have to fulfil its studies in another university or in another study, if it is in the UdG, it is that they have a minimum of 30 credits recognised among the study of which they come and the study which they want to access. In case they do not fulfil the condition they will have to access the studies of which he treats itself through university pre-enrolment .

The regulations governing students’ access to bachelor's degree studies where they meet the condition in the previous paragraph are the Regulations for access to the bachelor's degree studies with a minimum of 30 recognised credits , as approved by the Governing Council in session nº. 5/10, of 3 June 2010 (eBOU-6), and modified by the Governing Council in sessions no. 6/10, of 15 July 2010 (eBOU-24); no. 10/11, of 22 December 2011 (eBOU-291), no. 4/2014, of 29 May 2014 (eBOU-647) and no. 3/2017, of 4 April 2017 (e-BOU985).

For the 2019/20 academic year, the Polytechnic School offers two places for each of the bachelor's degrees they teach with the exception of the dual bachelor's degrees, which offer none:

  • Dual Bachelor's degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering / Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management
  • Dual Bachelor's Degree in Industrial and Automatic Electronic Engineering/ Degree in Electrical Engineering

The period to request transfer is the second fortnight in April.

The students concerned must present the following application to the School’s Academic Secretary's Office (application form in Spanish ). This form states the amount to be paid for the fees and lists the documents to be produced.

Should the number of applications submitted that exceed the minimum requirement of 30 credits be the same or lower than the number of places specifically offered on the degree they want to access, all applicants will be given a place.

Should the opposite occur, once the academic records of the applicants have been scaled, the number of places assigned will be equal to that of the places offered, and applicants who have not been assigned a place will be put on a waiting list in the order established during the scaling process for if one of those assigned a place decides not to enrol.

The decision as to the accepted and excluded applicants will be made during the second fortnight of May and will be published on the website on the last working day of the month of May. The persons concerned will be notified about this.

List of accepted and declined students, 2019/20 academic year

For further information contact infoacademica.eps@udg.edu .