Polytechnic School

Recognition of professional activity

for external placements


Students at the PS studying bachelor's and master’s degrees whose curriculum offers the chance to undertake external placements can request recognition of professional activity through external placements if they fulfil the requirements established in article 11 of the Regulations of the Polytechnic School for external academic placements on bachelor’s and master’s degrees. 

Application period

Every academic year: 15 to 30 September, 15 to 31 January and 1 to 15 May.


Accredited professional work experience of a minimum of one year full time (minimum 1700 hours) or equivalent in the case of part-time work.

Documentation to submit:

The documentation you have to submit to the Academic Office of the Secretary of the Polytechnic School is explained on the application form

Application for recognition of professional activity from external placements

Decision and notification:

Decisions are communicated via notification. Students will receive an email through "My UdG" and they must accept the notification to find out whether the decision is positive or negative.

If the decision is positive:

  • the academic office of the secretary will enrol you for the external placements/work placement subject.
  • The external placements officer will send you an email with instructions on how to write the report through which you will be awarded the placement grade.