Polytechnic School


Reviews, appeals and corrections



Under Article 28 of the Regulations governing students’ assessment and qualification processes , once the final exam records are closed, students may appeal against the individual or final exam marks that appear in the exam records, according to the following procedure:


The claim will be submitted to the management of the School in a maximum period of 7 calendar days from when the exam records are made public.


An application will have to be submitted, addressed to the director

Decision and notification

The management of the centre will make this known to the director of the department to which the subject is assigned so that they can propose a panel of three teachers, of which:

  • At least two belong to the teaching staff, and if possible from the same area of knowledge or a similar one to the teacher of the subject.
  • The third member can be a contracted teacher from the same area of knowledge or a similar one to the teacher of the subject.

When they nominate the panel, the director of the department will establish a maximum deadline of 15 days during which the panel, having listened to the teacher of the subject and the student, will have to make a decision about the mark.

Under no circumstances may the subject professor form part of the panel.

If they consider it appropriate, the panel can alter the mark obtained by the student.

The Management will make the panel’s decision public and they will notify the student of it. Students shall also be informed that this decision does not exhaust the administrative channel and that an ordinary appeal may be lodged before the Rector against the decision within a period of one month.

These ordinary appeals may only be lodged against the review's procedural aspects, under the rules of the Act on Administrative Procedure, whereby the highest university levels shall ensure that the reviews are fair and just, without that leading in any way to the possibility of replacing the technical assessment made by the appointed panel.

Where it is demonstrated that the review carried out had involved a flaw that invalidates or may invalidate the reviewer's procedure, the rector shall decide on the appropriate action to be taken.

Should the grade be corrected, the panel must draft an additional report and this shall be the only grade that is recorded. This grade cancels the previous one.

Where there are oral exams that have already been assessed by a panel, a review may only be requested where it is based on flaws in their form.

Rectifying marks

If the student detects a transcription error in the definitive exam record, they must notify the corresponding teaching staff of the subject. If necessary, the teaching staff will request the academic office of the secretary to correct the error. When the mark has been altered on the academic record, the student and the teaching staff will receive an email to this effect.