Polytechnic School

Requesting compensation

in the EPS

Bachelor's or master's degree students who are missing one module in order to graduate and who fulfil the requirements laid out in article 14 of the Regulations governing assessment processes and student qualification can request curricular assessment or compensation so that the module can be approved on their transcript.

Academic and administrative processes


  • Having only one subject pending, apart from the TFG/TFM.
  • The subject for which compensation is requested must represent fewer than or equal to 9 credits.
  • The last mark in that subject must be 4 or more.
  • The subject must be enrolled and marked within the same year that compensation is requested.
  • In order to request compensation, the student must have enrolled on the bachelor's or master's thesis.

Documentation to submit

Students who have taken all the exams can submit the request in the Academic Office of the Secretary.

Application for curricular evaluation or compensation (Bachelor's and Master's degree studies) 

Decision and notification

Students will receive an email through "La meva UdG", and must accept the notification to find out whether the decision is positive or negative.

If the decision is positive, the Academic Office of the Secretary will proceed to incorporate the compensated mark into the student’s report with a numeric value of 5.