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Thesis/Final Project

Bachelor's and master's degree procedure


Do you have an idea for a project?

You can make a proposal or ask for some suggestions from a professor or research group.

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Preparing a project sheet

In the project sheet you will have to explain what you will do during your thesis/final project. Check the different periods in which you can hand in your sheet.

You can find the bachelor's thesis/dissertation sheet and master’s degree thesis/dissertation sheet in the specific documents for each degree in the student information and documents section.

Take into account that:

  • You need to submit the sheet when you start the thesis/dissertation and, at the very latest, in the period before you want to defend it.
  • The sheet must be submitted with all original signatures.
  • You will have to indicate some guidance dates of when you plan to start and submit your thesis/dissertation. If in the end you are not able to defend your thesis/dissertation on the date you had planned, you do not need to submit a new proposal.
  • If there is an express request from a company or third parties involved in the thesis/dissertation that requires the protection of project content, this can be considered confidential. In these cases, you need to request confidentiality by marking the corresponding sections of the project sheet with a cross and attach a sheet justifying the reasons why your thesis/dissertation must remain confidential.

Thesis/dissertation committee

The thesis/dissertation committee from each course will review your proposal. They will check if the content of the study is suitable and if you have explained what you would like to do well. If they see something that is not quite right, they will ask you to change the project sheet within three days. The Committee also decides whether to accept thesis/dissertation confidentiality requests.

Once the proposal is accepted by the Committee, it is valid for two years. Once this time has passed, consult your Coordinator to find out if you can continue with the same thesis/dissertation or if you need to submit a new proposal.


You can then begin your project

Once you have approval from the thesis/dissertation committee, you can begin your project. Remember to ask your tutor, other professors and the technical office for your course to sign the relevant follow-up sections on the project sheet.

Off you go! Don't just stand there staring - get started!


Submitting your thesis/dissertation

When you have the finished your thesis/dissertation and your tutor has authorised you to submit it, you will be able to submit the work if you fulfil the requirements laid out in the regulations.

There are three periods (February, June and September) in which you can submit your thesis/dissertation, each with a delivery deadline. Any project submitted outside this deadline will go into the next period.

Bear in mind the documents you need to show during submission:

  • 1 complete paper copy of the thesis/dissertation
  • 1 complete CD copy of the thesis/dissertation (only confidential projects)
  • 1 summary of 2 to 5 pages
  • The thesis/dissertation sheet with the authorisation to submit signed by the tutor.
  • Signed authorisation to publish your thesis/dissertation on DUGI (*) (University of Girona Digital Document Archive)

If your thesis/dissertation is not confidential, before submitting the paper copy, you need to upload an electronic copy of the whole thesis/dissertation to https://eps.udg.edu/entrega-tf

(*) Only qualified theses/dissertations with a mark equal to or greater than a B 8 will be available to view by the public on DUGI. Others will not be publicly accessible.


Defending your thesis/dissertation

The thesis/dissertation Committee for your course will appoint the panel that will assess your project. The time and place of the defence, as well as the members of the panel, will be published in the panels section.

The defence is a public event in which you will have to present your thesis/dissertation. The panel members will ask you questions and, after deliberating, will tell you the qualification you have obtained.

Guidance videos

Before you begin, we recommend that you watch a series of short videos: Pau, a Computer Engineering student, has to do a project and does not know where to start...


You will find the current regulations for bachelor's degree and master's degree theses/dissertations in the Rules and guidelines section.