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Enrolment for students previously registered in the same bachelor's degree course



Enrolment periods 2019 - 2020

The enrolment program will be staggered according to academic progress and the number of credits still to be passed. The enrolment period is from 10 July to midnight on 30 July.

  • Students who have passed everything in the first call (February and June): From 10 July at 10 am (**) to 30 July.

  • Dual bachelor's degree GETI/ADE students irrespective of the number of pending credits: From 10 July at 12 pm (**) to 30 July

  • Students with ≤ 65 pending credits to finish their degree (*).  From 10 July at 12 noon (**) to 30 July.(***)

  • Students with ≤ 120 pending credits to finish their degree (*).  From 15 July at 8 am (**) to 30 July.(***)

  • Students with ≤ 180 pending credits to finish their degree (*).  From 16 July at 8 am (**) to 30 July.

  • Remaining students.16 July at 12 am (*) to 30 July.

  • Students with grades in the September call (with the bachelor's thesis in September) From 16 to 18 September.

(*) If you have registered for the placement in the September call, the enrolment program will calculate this as still to be passed. Therefore you can enrol on the corresponding day according to the credits still be passed, taking into account those corresponding to the placement as pending completion.

(**) The enrolment program will be open until 30 July inclusive.Online enrolment cannot be completed over the weekend or on holiday days.

(***) Students lacking fewer than 24 credits to complete their bachelor's degree and who have to complete practicals to qualify in the September call should send an electronic mail to the Academic Secretary's Office attaching a completed enrolment application so that they register you from there if the program does not let you enrol.


Place of enrolment

From any computer with internet connection (Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 01.00 the following morning). The enrolment program will be open until 30 July inclusive. Online enrolment cannot be completed over the weekend.


Information necessary for enrolment

Before enrolling online you are required to read the Enrolment Guidelines for 2019-20 carefully.

All the academic information you need to enrol regarding timetables, exam calendars, etc. can be found on the PS website, in the section headed Academic Information.


Required documentation

Students who have already enrolled in the same course at the University of Girona will not have to present any documentation, except any required to justify allowances and exemptions.


How does the online enrolment program work?

Access the online enrolment program from La meva UdG and follow the instructions on the different screens.Online enrolment guide

In this link you can find information about frequently asked questions related to enrolment at the PS.

The online enrolment program does not assign groups for practical classes. This must be chosen afterwards, following the process described in point 14 of this document.



Direct debit is the payment system generally accepted during online enrolment. To this effect, the student enrolment application form requires the bank account to be charged to be specified and the account holder to be declared. If students wish to use an account in someone else’s name, they will have to provide authorisation from the account holder prior to enrolment.

You can download the form.

Bank details are saved for students who have already enrolled in the University of Girona.

You can check the cost of credits and University payment deadlines


Allowances and exemptions

If you have any type of exemption bear in mind that it will have to be valid on the day you enrol.  

Remember if you have renewed the allowance during the year, you need to provide the original and a photocopy of the valid document to the Academic Secretary's Office before enrolling to avoid problems on the day of the enrolment.  You can find information on allowances and loans in the following link.

In the case of the large family allowance you need to provide proof of the number of family members. If this does not appear on your individual identity card then you need to show your family identification card.

Even if you were a grantholder last year, it is ESSENTIAL that you justify any other type of exemption you may be entitled to. If the grant is denied, we will automatically apply the other exemption.



We recommend that you consult the UdG Grants Department website before enrolling.

Another very important website is that of the Government of Catalonia as it provides information about the university public pricing system and Equitat grants www.matriculauniversitaria.cat .

Remember that grant applications are submitted online on the MEC (Ministry of Education and Culture) webpage. You can access this from the UdG website


Enrolment for placements

Enrolment for placements does not follow the same procedure as other subjects. It does not appear in the list of subjects.

Work placements are an optional subject mostly worth 15 credits, and they primarily take place during the final years of a bachelor's degree. To be able to do a placement you need to have optional or recognised academic credits still pending. These do not need to be the same number of practical credits and optional credits (OP) and recognised academic credits (RA) can be combined. If, for example, a student only has 2 RA credits left, they can apply for a placement, the same as a student who has only 6 OP credits, or one with 6 OP and 4 RA credits. Any combination is valid whenever there are OP and/or RA credits remaining, but you must remember that you will be enrolled on a subject with an academic and economic value of 15 credits.

There are three options when enrolling for placements:

  • With prior authorisation. Explicitly authorised students can enrol for a placement through the normal enrolment in July, and it will then form part of their enrolment.
  • Other students will be registered automatically by the Academic Secretary's Office when they have obtained a place and have signed the educational cooperation agreement.
  • Students that want to request recognised credit transfer for professional activity have to submit their application with the required documents stated in article 11 of the external PS Placement Regulations at the registry in the Student Information and Advice Centre (CIAE) building during one of the following three periods: 15 to 30 September, 15 to 31 January or 1 to 15 May.

Students who complete the bachelor's degree and need to enrol for the minimum credits established by the Academic Progress Regulations (24 credits) or the minimum credits to apply for a grant, should register all the necessary optional credits in July and submit an application to the Academic Secretary's Office (specific form) to substitute the optional subjects in the event that they obtain a placement. The change will not be possible if the optional subject exam results have been generated.

Instead, optional credits will be exchanged for placements once the student selection period has ended and a place obtained for the placement.

If placements take place during the summer, the credits will not be included in the maximum of 75 that can be enrolled according to the Academic Progress Regulations. In this case, once a placement has been granted, a request can be made to exceed this limit.


Enrolment for the Bachelor's Thesis

All students enrolling for all subjects pending for completion of their studies can enrol for this subject.

Group A is the only enrolment group and is called in September. The call is automatically updated when the deposit is made.

If you have enrolled on the course for the Bachelor's Thesis (TFG) consult the procedure and the regulations.


How to contact the Academic Secretary's Office

Since most of the questions asked about enrolment and administrative procedures can be found on the UdG/PS website, queries will not be answered by phone throughout July in order to speed up the administrative procedures related to enrolment.

To reduce waiting times and avoid queues in the Academic Secretary's Office, you can send your queries by email to infoacademica.eps@udg.edu. We will try to answer in a maximum of 48 hours.

Office hours are Monday to Friday:

  • 1 to 30 June: 09.30 to 13.45
  • 1 to 31 July: 09.30 to 13.15
  • 1 to 30 September: 09.30 to 13.45

In August the Academic Secretary's Office will be closed.


Please be aware


Students of bachelor's degrees have three exam calls to pass each of the subjects (one every year). Being “absent” will count as having attended the exam.

In order for the call not to be counted, you can request cancellation up until the date established in the academic and administrative calendar.


Class start and end dates

1st semester: from 16 September 2019 to 20 December 2019

2nd semester: from 3 February 2020 to 15 May 2020


Registration for practicals’ groups

Once you are enrolled for subjects for the academic year 2019-20, you will be able to sign up to the groups to do the practicals through Moodle.

  1. The groups will be active from 10 July, which is the first day of online enrolment.
  2. You will be able to register the day after you have enrolled online.
  3. Not all subjects manage the practicals groups through the Moodle.