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Tutorial Action Plan (TAP)

Tutorial action is understood as a way to help, guide and advise university students, designed and organised around the group's profile and according to the specific support required during the studies chosen.

In the Polytechnic, these functions are outlined in a set of specific actions known as a Tutorial Action Plan (TAP), with the following objectives:

  • Facilitating new students’ incorporation and adaptation to the new university environment and notifying them of the services and activities offered by the centre.
  • Fostering students’ participation in activities representing an improvement in their education and having an impact in particular on their following of the Basic Courses
  • Guiding them in their academic decisions, motivating and helping them with problems relating to their studies.
  • Helping students to learn how to plan their work and manage their time.
  • Offering advice to achieve a suitable study method.
  • Reducing drop-out rates and improving students’ academic progress in relation to their studies.
  • Personalised assistance for each individual depending on their needs.

The Tutorial Action Plan, TAP, designed at the Polytechnic, aims to ensure that students receive the information, advice and support necessary to successfully carry out their studies. The TAP focuses on three cornerstones:

  1. Basic Courses : The Polytechnic has launched an innovative teaching initiative based on self-directed learning with the aim of guiding students over possible gaps in their knowledge. This action means students have access to extra materials to reinforce their learning based on self-directed learning, and they can carry out and correct exercises using the ACME platform. This helps students choose the content in which they feel least confident. Access to these courses is through “La meva UdG”, in the section “My courses”, and also directly through the Moodle. Another aspect being promoted is for students to make more use of the tutorials with teaching staff.
  2. Tutors: The Course Coordinator acts as a tutor, guiding and helping students in the area of study and with their academic progress.
  3. Mentoring Programme: This programme consists of a senior student acting as a mentor for new students, to advise them on various aspects relating to studies or university activity in general. In other words, they represent a figure concerned with the integration of new students into university life. New students interested in being mentored can contact the Assistant Student Manager, who is in charge of the Mentoring Programme at the Polytechnic.
Mentors for 2020-2021
GARQ Tomàs Rodríguez Sierra mentor.ga@eps.udg.edu
BTAC Carles Blázquez Berenguer mentor.gate@eps.udg.edu
GEA Cèlia Guixé Marsinyach mentor.gea@eps.udg.edu
GINSA Clara Vergés Basagaña mentor.ginsa@eps.udg.edu
GEInf Arnau Solà Saborit mentor.geinf@eps.udg.edu
GEInf Laura Galera Alfaro mentor.geinf@eps.udg.edu
GDiDV Jacob Bolea Moreno mentor.gddv@eps.udg.edu
GEQ El Mahdi Beddidi mentor.geq@eps.udg.edu
GEM Ariadna Benítez Mercader mentor.gem@eps.udg.edu
GEE Jordi Bulló Porta mentor.gee@eps.udg.edu
GEEIA Anas Saghdani El Kharraz mentor.geeia@eps.udg.edu
GEEIA+GEE Guillem  Maspoch Geli mentor.geeia_ee@eps.udg.edu
Beltran Urbano
Montero Coedo
GETI Paula Jorquera Martín mentor.geti@eps.udg.edu
GETI+ADE Martí Brugué Alemany mentor.geti_ade@eps.udg.edu

(updated September 2020)

Documents related to the PS Mentoring Programme: