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Mobility at the Polytechnic

The Polytechnic works continuously to increase and to improve student mobility. Discovering other languages and cultures, receiving technical training in another institution and learning to work outside your usual environment are some of the highly enriching benefits of the stays abroad and differentiating factors on a CV appreciated by companies when looking for professionals in an increasingly competitive world.

Through the Polytechnic, students can take part in mobility programmes in different geographical areas (Catalan-speaking territories, Spain, Europe and other continents).

Student mobility in the European framework is channelled under the ERASMUS+ programme. There are also mobility programmes among Catalan-language universities (DRAGON), among Spanish universities (SICUE) and among universities from other continents (PROMETHEUS).

The Polytechnic is also a member of the international EUCLIDES  (European Universities Collaborative Links Developments in Engineering Sciences ) network, whose goal is to forge and broaden international relations with other institutions within and without the EU in the area of the engineering.