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Information about academic and administrative procedures

Submitting applications

You can contact the UdG’s administration as follows, by order of preference:

  1. The Online Procedures section of the Virtual Secretary’s Office, available in the La meva UdG intranet.
  2. The UdG's e-register, available from the university’s e-Office.
  3. The UdG’s face-to-face register offices.

Online procedures

To carry out an online procedure you need to go to La meva UdG, enter your username and password, and then go to the Virtual Secretary's office by clicking on "Personal" and selecting "Academic record” or directly through .

Click “on Procedures” in the upper menu. If you have more than one academic record, select it from the corresponding pull-down menu. The “Start” tab displays the procedures at your disposal for the selected report depending on your academic situation.

To start a procedure, click on the corresponding procedure’s “go there” button. To consult the status of a previously started procedure, select the corresponding report from the upper pull-down menus and look for the procedure in the “Pending”, “In progress”, “Finished” or “Cancelled” tabs, as appropriate.


For communications relating to online procedures, the UdG's administration contacts applicants preferably through email or e-notifications.

To receive the UdG’s communications correctly you will need to keep your contact details at the Virtual Secretary’s Office up to date (Reports > Personal details > Electronic communications).

E-notifications are communicated through an email notice and can be consulted in the notifications mailbox (La meva UdG > Personal > e-Notification).

There are a series of online procedures that have a specific application. To formalise them, access the procedures section in the Virtual Secretary's Office, click on the corresponding procedure's “go there” button and follow the instructions on the screen. For any queries, contact the Secretary's Office at the School of Doctoral Studies.

Doctoral procedures

  • Temporary medical leave from the doctoral programme
  • Temporary leave from the doctoral degree programme
  • Change of time schedule for doctoral thesis: from full-time to part time
  • Change of time schedule for doctoral thesis: from part time to full time
  • Change of direction of doctoral thesis
  • Change of title of doctoral thesis
  • Doctoral thesis commitment
  • Doctoral thesis submission
  • Ongoing doctoral thesis report
  • Permission for staying abroad to obtain the international award
  • Doctoral thesis research plan and personal education plan
  • Time extension for completing doctoral thesis
  • Doctoral thesis review
  • Second deferment for completing doctoral thesis
  • Application for doctoral-degree certificates and European Diploma Supplements (EDS)

Procedures common to all studies

  • Documentary accreditation
  • Replacement degree certificate
  • Communicating / changing bank details
  • Authenticated degree certificate e-copy (e-degree certificate)
  • Request for official degree certificate to be sent

For applications not provided for in specific online procedures, you can use the general application procedure.  Access the procedures section in the Virtual Secretary's Office, click on the “go there” button for the “Administration application” procedure, select the application’s area and explain the reason. Depending on the case, attach the appropriate documents. For any queries, contact the Secretary's Office at the School of Doctoral Studies.

Doctorate application areas

Click on each area for further information:

Application areas common to all studies

To formalise certain procedures you will need to attach a duly filled in and signed application form. You can download the forms from the page ofForms page.

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