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The CSAMS Department's lecturers and researchers carry out their research within the framework of the following Research groups:

Doctoral theses supervised by the Department's lecturers

Title: Aportacions de l'anàlisi composicional a les mixtures de distribucion
Author: Marc Comas Cufí 
Supervisors: Dr G. Mateu Figueras, Dr J.A. Martín-Fernández 
Date: 24 October 2018

Title: Medical imaging applied to teaching and meat science
Author: Pau Xiberta Armengol
Supervisors: Dr Imma Boada Oliveras, Dr Antoni Bardera Reig  
Date: 25 May 2018 </g>

Title: Interactive Weathering for Realistic Image Synthesis of Urban Environments
Author: Imanol Muñoz Pandiella
Supervisors: Stéphane Mérillou, Carles Bosch, Xavier Pueyo

Date: 5 December 2017

- Title: Study of brain complexity using information theory tools
Author: Ester Bonmatí Coll
Supervisors:Anton Bardera, Imma Boada
Data: 5 February 2016

Title: High dynamic range content acquisition from multiple exposures
Author:Raissel Ramírez Orozco
Supervisors: Dr Ignacio Martín Campos, Dr Celine Loscos, Dr Alessandro Artusi
Date: 29 January 2016

Title: Realistic urban layout modeling from real dates
Author: Oriol Pueyo Vallet
Supervisors: Dr Gustavo Patow
Date: 15 January 2016

Title: Reformulation of constraint models into SMT
Author: Miquel Palahí Sitges
Supervisors: Dr Miquel Bofill Arasai, Dr Mateu Villaret Auselle
Date: 10 December 2015

Title: Perceptual information-theoretic measures for viewpoint selection and object recognition
Author: Xavier Bonaventura Brugués
Supervisors: Dr Miquel Feixas Feixas, Dr Mateo Sbert Casasayas
Date: 10 July 2015

Title: Information theory techniques for multimedia data classification and retrieval
Author: Màrius Vila Duran
Supervisors: Dr Miquel Feixas Feixas, Dr Mateo Sbert Casasayas
Date: 9 July 2015

Title: Simulation of flowering plants
Author: Olga Petrenko
Supervisors: Dr Mateo Sbert Casasayas, Dr Djamchid Ghazanfarpour
Date: 12 December 2014

Title: Diffusion tensor imaging in acute ischemic stroke: the role of anisotropy in determining the time of onset and predicting long-term motor outcome
Author: Josep Puig Alcántara
Supervisors: Dr Ma. Del Mar Castellanos Rodrigo, Dr Joaquín Serena Leal, Dr Josep Daunis Estadella
Date: 3 December 2014

Title: Gràfic de control T2 de Hotelling per a dades composicionals
Author: Marina Vives Mestres
Supervisors: J.A. Martín Fernández, J. Daunis Estadella
Date of reading: 28 November 2014

Title: Metal ions removal from polluted waters by sorption onto exhausted coffee waste. Application to metal finishing industries waste water treatment
Author: Chang Liu
Supervisors: Isabel Villaescusa and Jordi Poch
Date: October 2014

Title: Efficient Global Illumination Calculation For Inverse Lighting Problems
Author: Eduardo Fernandez
Thesis supervisors: Gonzalo Besuievsky; Franco Robledo
Date: 28 February 2014
Institution/University: Instituto de Computación (INCO)/Universidad of the Republica (UDELAR, Uruguay)

- Title: Serious Games for Health and Medicine. A Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Case Study
Author: Voravika Wattanasoontorn
Supervisors: Dr Mateu Sbert Casasayas, Dr Imma Boada Oliveras
Date: 11 December 2013

Title: GPU parallel algorithms for reporting movement behaviour patterns in spatiotemporal databases
Author: Ignacio Valladares Cereceda
Supervisors: Dr Joan Antoni Sellarès Chiva, Dr Marta Fort Masdevall
Date: 18 July 2013

Title: Multimodal visualization based where Mutual Information
Author: Roger Bramon Feixas
Supervisors: Dr Imma Boada Oliveras, Dr Antoni Bardera Reig
Date: 15 July 2013

Title: Continuity and Interpolation Techniques for Computer Graphics
Author: Francisco González García
Supervisor: Dr Gustavo Patow
Date: 11 April 2013

Title: A Satisfiability Modulo Theories Approach to Constraint Programming
Author: Josep Suy Franch
Supervisors: Dr Miquel Bofill, Dr Mateu Villaret
Date: 20 December 2012

Title: Parallel spatial dates structures for interactive rendering
Author: Ismael García Fernández
Supervisor: Dr Gustavo Patow
Date: 24 October 2012

Title: Advanced illumination and view-selection techniques for volume rendering and its application
Author: Marc Ruiz Altisent
Supervisors: Dr Imma Boada Oliveras, Dr Miquel Feixas Feixas, Dr Mateu Sbert Casasayas
Date: 4 May 2012

Title: Visualization and processing of diffusion MRIV
Author: Ferran Prados Carrasco
Directors: Dr Imma Boada (GiLaB research group), Dr Miquel Feixas (GiLaB research group)
Date: 1 March 2012

Title: Simplification, Approximation and Deformation of Large Models
Author: Teresa Pardinas
Supervisor: Dr Narcís Coll (GGG research group)
Date: 13 October 2011

Title: Optimization on Inverse reflector design reflector
Author: Albert Mas 
Supervisors: Gustavo Patow, Ignaci Martín
Date: April 2011

Title: Good-Visibility Computation using Graphics Hardware
Author: Narcís Madern Leandro
Supervisors: J. Antoni Sellarès, Narcís Coll
Date: 8 of October 2010

Title: Enhancing the Rendering Natural of Scenes: Rain, Sea and Terrain
Author: Puig Centelles, Anna
Supervisors: Miguel Chover, Mateu Sbert
Date of reading: 2010
Place: Universitat Jaume I

Title: Combining refinement and improvement techniques for the generation and modification of 2D/2.5D triangular meshes
Author: Marité Guerrieri
Supervisors: Dr J.A. Sellares, Dr Narcís Coll
Date: 29 May 2009

Title: New Medical Registration and Segmentation Techniques using Information-theoretic Tools
Author: Anton Bardera
Supervisors: Dr Imma Boada (GiLaB research), Dr Miquel Feixas (GiLaB research group)
Date: 20 November 2008

Title: 2D and 3D Noisy Colored Point Set Matching under the Bottleneck Distance
Author: Santiago Diez Donoso
Supervisor: J. Antoni Sellarès
Date: 9 of October 2008

Title: Visibility And Proximity On Triangulated Surfaces
Author: Marta Fort Masdevall
Supervisor: J. Antoni Sellarès
Date: 5 June 2008

Title: Improvements in the Ray Tracing of Implicit Surfaces based on Interval Arithmetic
Author: Jorge Flórez-Díaz
Supervisors: Mateu Sbert, Josep Vehí
Date: 2008

Title: Realistic image synthesis of surface scratches and grooves
Author: Carles Bosch
Supervisors: Dr Xavier Pueyo, Dr Djamchid Ghazanfarpour
Date: 8 October 2007

Title: View-point driven simplification of polygonal models using information theoretic measures
Author: Pascual Castelló
Supervisors: Miguel Chover, Mateu Sbert
Date: 2007
Place: Universitat Jaume I

Title: Fast Photorealistic Techniques to simulate global illumination invideogames and virtual environments
Author: Álex Méndez
Supervisor: Mateu Sbert
Date: 2007
Place: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Title: Information-Theoretic Refinement Criteria for Image Synthesis
Author: Jaume Rigau
Supervisors: Dr Miquel Feixas, Dr Mateu Sbert
Date: 17 November 2006

Title: Incomplete multivariant data analysis. Aproximación paramétrica al problema de los ceros
Author: Javier Palarea Albaladejo
Supervisors: Juan Gómez García, Josep Antoni Martín Fernández
Date: Universidad de Murcia (2006)

Title - Reflector Shape Design From Radiance Distributions. CAD for luminaries
Author: Gustavo Patow
Supervisors: Dr Xavier Pueyo, Dr Àlvar Vinacua
Date: 28 October 2005

Title: Approximation and Visualization Methods Bidimensional Geometric Objects
Author: Narcís Coll
Supervisors: Dr J.A. Sellarès, Dr F. Hurtado
Date: 20 July 2004

Title: Adaptive and Depth Buffer Solutions with Bundles of Parallel Rays for Global Line Monte Carlo Radiosity
Author: Roel E. Martínez Ramírez
Supervisor: Dr Mateu Sbert
Date: 16 June 2004

Title: Models de distribució sobre el símplex
Author: Glory Mateu
Supervisors: Dr Vera Pawlowsky, Dr Carles Barceló
Date: 10 October 2003

Title: On the selection of good views and its application to computer graphics
Author: Pere Pau Vázquez
Supervisor: Mateu Sbert
Date: 2003
Place: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Title: Efficient Tecniques in Global Line Radiosity
Author: Francesc Castro
Supervisor: Dr Mateu Sbert
Date: 9 December 2002

Title: An Information-Theory Framework for the Study of the Complexity of Visibility and Radiosity in a Scene
Author: Miquel Feixas
Supervisor: Dr Mateu Sbert
Date: 9 December 2002

Title: Non-parametric automatic differentiation and classification measures of compositional data
Author: Josep A. Martín Fernández
Supervisors: Dr Vera Pawlowsky, Dr Carles Barceló
Date: 23 March 2001

Title: A Monte Carlo Approach for Animated Radiosity Environments.
Author: Author: Gonzalo Besuievsky
Supervisor: Dr Xavier Pueyo
Date: January 2001

Title: Adsorció d'or i zinc amb resines impregnades XAD-2. Superfície d'equilibri un nou concepte per a l'adsorció.
Author: Joan Serarols
Supervisors: Dr Jordi Poch, Dr Isabel Villaescusa
Date: October 2000

Title: Structural and algorithmic aspects of geometric projections
Author: Joan Antoni Sellarès
Supervisor: Dr Xavier Pueyo, Dr F. Hurtado
Date: 5 May 2000

Title: Temporal Coherence in Animation of Global Illumination Environments
Author: Ignacio Martin Campos
Supervisors: Dr Xavier Pueyo, Dr D. Tost
Date: November 1999

Title: The use of global random directions to compute radiosity. Global MonteCarlo Techniques.
Author: Mateu Sbert Casasayas
Supervisor: Xavier Pueyo
Date: 1997
Place: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya