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This section features the collections that have been created under the direction of the DAEC's teaching staff. The collections are ordered alphabetically by title and the order followed in each is by year.

Miquel Àngel Chamorro (coordinator). Diverse authors.

Title: Sostenibilitat i construcció.

Annals-2. ISBN: 84-95138-98-0  February, 2000.

Maria Mercè Pareta (coordinator). Diverse authors.

Title: L'habitatge del segle XXI.

ISBN:  84-8458-169-1  2002


Ramon Ripoll (coordinator). Diverse authors.

Title: Evolució de la ciutat, a mig camí entre la tradició i la sostenibilitat.

ISBN: 84-8458-064-4   2001

Robert Walser's “Microgrammes” are a set of very small pencil-written texts, three to one millimetre in size, that tend to disappear in a blank sheet, whether because of their size or because of the writing instrument used. It is precisely because of this feature, where writing is turned into a tapestry of signs, into a filigree, into a structure with variations, that they teach more uncertainties and reasoning on paper. It is writing that searches for composition through a collage of several types of graphics. The aim behind such publications is also to build a composition from writings that can act as model and support for the architects’ work.

Publishing board: Josep Fuses i Comalada, Nadia Fava, Maria Pia Fontana

Published by: University of Girona, Polytechnic School (EPS-UdG)

Coordinated by: Nadia Fava

Graphic project: mayorga_fontana